Tom Petty: Fallin' Free - Piers Garland

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Tom Petty: Fallin' Free - Piers Garland
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Tom Petty: Fallin' Free

Piers Garland

Genre: Dokumentärer

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Utgivningsdatum: 15 januari 2019

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Tom Petty was one of the most successful rockers of his generation; his unique blend of country, blues, rock, and psychedelia earned him and his bands a cult following from around the world, but his life wasn’t without suffering. We recall the joys and tribulations of Petty’s prolific career, spanning over 40 years. He received countless awards and played on the biggest of stages. Although quiet in his personal life, he earned a reputation as someone who stood by his principals and proved you could take control of your decisions, whatever situation. This is the journey of Tom Petty, The Heartbreaker.

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